Starbucks is a Sociopath haven

If you are a sociopath, work at Stabucks. Apparently they a breeding ground for them. I do not have any respect for this company anymore. If you are decent human being, DO NOT WORK FOR THIS COMPANY!!!!! If you are a sociopath then it’s okay, you are right at home.

WTF Rome a NEW city tax? Are you trying to make the city impossible to visit?

Saw the trailer for the last season of boardwalk empire. Don’t like that they are skipping years, but it seems to be almost self contained like a movie that is eight episodes long.

Not happy to see Gillian there, waste of time. isn’t her character arc finished?

Hope Rothstein is going to be there. PLEASE!!!

Saw no sign of Willie in the trailer and I hope it stays that way. His story arc ruined last season for me. I hated his story and I hated that he took time from other characters that were actually important (could have saw more Luciano, more anyone).

Robin Williams……:(


If Day is simultaneously the most impressive fundraising effort Canada performed during WW2 and also one of the most terrifying.

February 19, 1942.
From 5:30 AM to 5:30 PM 3500 Winnipeg Riflemen and thousands of civilian volunteers staged a mock invasion of Winnipeg in German uniforms, featuring hours of early morning “firefights” with police and Canadian troops in the outskirts and urban areas of the city, “tank combat”, and staged bombings of the city.  

"German Forces" "kidnapped" members of parliament, renamed the city Himmlerstadt, and imposed "martial law" and curfew over the city.
Newspaper salesmen were arrested and their “Canadian Propaganda” was destroyed (with recompense after the fact). A book burning was held outside the municipal library - any and all objecters were sent to an “internment camp”. Any canadian currency found was confiscated and replaced with mock German currency. A public decree was broadcast over radio and handed out to citizens throughout the city:

  1. This territory is now a part of the Greater Reich and under the jurisdiction of Col. Erich Von Neuremburg, Gauleiter of the Fuehrer.
  2. No civilians will be permitted on the streets between 9:30 pm and daybreak.
  3. All public places are out of bounds to civilians, and not more than 8 persons can gather at one time in any place.
  4. Every householder must provide billeting for 5 soldiers.
  5. All organizations of a military, semi-military or fraternal nature are hereby disbanded and banned. Girl GuideBoy Scout and similar youth organizations will remain in existence but under direction of the Gauleiter and Storm troops.
  6. All owners of motor cars, trucks and buses must register same at Occupation Headquarters where they will be taken over by the Army of Occupation.
  7. Each farmer must immediately report all stocks of grain and livestock and no farm produce may be sold except through the office of the Kommandant of supplies in Winnipeg. He may not keep any for his own consumption but must buy it back through the Central Authority in Winnipeg.
  8. All national emblems excluding the Swastika must be immediately destroyed.
  9. Each inhabitant will be furnished with a ration card, and food and clothing may only be purchased on presentation of this card.
  10. The following offences will result in death without trial
    1. Attempting to organize resistance against the Army of Occupation
    2. Entering or leaving the province without permission.
    3. Failure to report all goods possessed when ordered to do so.
    4. Possession of firearms.

No one will act, speak or think contrary to our decrees.[3]

 As more and more money was raised, Canadian troops would “reclaim” sectors of the city, until Winnipeg was finally secured from the German threat.

As could be expected, donations poured in from throughout the city to “free” Winnipeg, resulting in 3 million CAD being raised (43 Million CAD today) within a 12 hour period. In the entire fundraising period, over 60 million CAD were raised in Winnipeg (858 MILLION CAD today) an astonishing total.

Without a doubt, the terror of If Day was effective - not only did it strengthen Canada’s national resolve to stand up to the aggressor, but as well to not let one German step foot on Canadian soil, lest If Day become a reality.


(via wewerenotthefirst)

"The shifts of fortune test the reliability of friends."

- Marcus Tullius Cicero


Congrats to Austria for winning!!! Conchita deserved it! :):):) Queen of Europe!

But seriously did Sweden have to hog points? Some other decent song could have used those!Their song was not that good, it was only okay. Seriously, you should not get anything for the lyric ‘Undo my sad’. (Yes I liked Switzerland’s song, but I found their song was meant in good humour. Unlike Sweden’s which was trying to be serious.)

I have to wait for tonight to see Eurovision. That’s if anything is on YouTube by then. :(

I don’t get Eurovision, how did some countries get automatically into the final? (I’m looking at you Denmark.)

Also, why not Israel??? :( Better than Belarus (even though their performance was good, Israel’s song was better.)

I am going for Norway and Slovenia! (until I can pick something else, my mind changes)

Not surprised Macedonia did not get in, they had a chance, but the performance was not good. :(

Was surprised about Malta, I really thought that they wouldn’t make it.

Not happy about San Marino, song choice is BORING! Could have picked a better one. Pick Israel over San Marino.

I was surprised Iceland got in. Was kind of happy, since the song they have is good.